For getting training in the Institute there is no education and age bar. Informal education is given in spare time. The institute conducts various training programs.


The trades offered are Tailoring, Screen Printing, Purse making, Sisal Fiber goods, Handicrafts, Embroidering, Beauty Culture, Nursery, Computer Operation, Proof Reading & Correction, Language Proficiency, Ornament making, Lamination, Rubber Modules/ Plaster Idols making, Showroom Salesmanship, Telemarketing etc.

Hobby classes are also being conducted. Young girls are taught how to make herbal mehendi and artificial flowers as also counseled on issues like careers and stress management.


Rural women are also trained to process food like jams, jellies, pickles and bags, incense sticks, soaps and candles – in fact anything that will help them generate income.


Five women can form a group and ask for any innovative training program and our institute offers them the required training. Till June 2014, up to 25513 women have taken such type of education from the institute and are engaged in cottage industries/ home products.