School dropouts to entrepreneurs Started in 1999, specifically for girls who drop out due to poor performance or due to financial conditions, this school aims at educating them along with vocational training and teaching moral values. Efforts are made to build their confidence levels and encourage them to become self employed. Many girl students have benefited from this project and have not only cleared their 10th have become successful entrepreneurs.
Lighting the way Margadeepa Under this scheme 150 girls belonging to poor families of watchmen, gardeners, maids, coolies etc. are selected from 8th school uniforms stress is also laid on vocational training so as to equip them better in life after10th. Here too the results have been encouraging. , 9th , and 10th , standard for special guidance and help. Apart from financial help and
The affordable health scheme Swayamsiddha organizes health check-up camps in villages where poor villagers are not only checked by doctors but also provided medicines. Vegetable vendors and house maids are taught simple things like sitting posture and how to keep oneself dry to avoid spinal problems and skin infections. Special emphasis is laid on spreading awareness about anemia as also sex education and aids awareness.
Writers - Group. This enterprise was started for the ladies from the middle and upper middle class who were knowledgeable but lacked the confidence to write for the media. Initially members were encouraged to write, and arrangements were made for their publication in different newspapers. Slowly they developed the necessary writing skills and received recognition from the media. Today a lot of them are regular contributors and earn a good amount thereby converting their hobby into a paying proposition.
Counceling Centre - Free legal and family counseling centre is established, retired civil judge Urmila Joshi and Sontakee is dealing the pond. Pof. Hema Gangatirkar and Prof. Kamal Hardikar also helps in counseling.
Self–defence 10 Hours training is specially designed for the purpose and our teacher goes to women hostels, mahila mandals and villages to train women. Around 6000 women are trained till today.
Exposure Visits Yearly around 10 trips are arranged for the exposure of women. Areas like factories, non government organization, co-operative societies, work done by devoted peoples are visited. Around 1000 women are taken for exposure trips within a year.
Blood Donation Every year on 17th Dr.V.T. PATIL. Near about 50 people donate their blood. This camp is also appreciated by Govt.of Maharashtra. JAN a blood donation camp is carried out on the occasion of death anniversary